Success Stories

Ron Allum Deepsea Services (RADS): Unlocking the Depths with Innovation

Designing, Building, and Testing Specialised Underwater Systems

Ron Allum Deepsea Services (RADS) is a 100% Australian-owned company that has revolutionized underwater exploration. Established in 2013 and headquartered in Taren Point, Sydney, RADS specializes in creating cutting-edge underwater systems capable of operating in the most extreme and remote environments on our planet.

Deep Ray Demonstrator delivered to Defence 2020

The Challenge: Navigating the Abyss

Imagine the depths of the ocean—dark, mysterious, and largely uncharted. RADS recognized the need for advanced underwater technology to explore these uncharted territories. Their mission? To design, build, and test systems that could withstand the crushing pressures and freezing temperatures of the deep sea.

The Turning Point: Seeking Contract Management and Grant Assistance

Despite their technical prowess, RADS faced a critical juncture. They had been progressing well with a grant program to build an underwater demonstration glider and needed help managing their contract compliance and governance requirements. Enter Engineering Business—a strategic partner with expertise in grant applications and project management and the underlying engineering knowledge to understand the context.

RADS engaged Engineering Business to review and amend their contract deliverables – design documents, risk assessments, progress reports – and provide ongoing contractual advice, seeing them through to the end of the $2.9million contract and the successful completion of the deliverable – ‘Deep Ray’.

With that Contract on track, RADS sought to continue the partnership with Engineering Business, and we assisted with submissions to key grants:

  1. Defence Capability Improvement Grant 2019: Funding to undertake business strategic planning and tender writing training.
  2. Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Grant 2021 and 2023: Funding to upskill and train staff to enhance standard of delivery and throughput.

Our Role: Crafting Compelling Testimony & Methodical Contract Management

With our assistance, RADS presented compelling grant applications meeting the required deadlines. The result? RADS secured a total of $39,000 across all three grants. While the values are relatively small, the impact to a small business was huge.

Empowering RADS: Upskilling and Strategic Planning

The grant funds provided RADS:

  1. Technical Skill Sets: RADS invested in upskilling its staff, equipping them with expertise in project management, AutoCAD with Python programming, and systems engineering.
  2. Consultant Support: RADS enlisted consultants for tender writing training and developed a robust business strategic plan.

The Future: Depths Uncharted

Today, RADS’ engineering team stands uniquely positioned. They design and build customized systems for underwater vehicles—systems that defy depth, endurance, and payload challenges. From the ocean floor to the Hadal zone, RADS continues to push boundaries, unlocking the secrets of our planet’s last frontier.