Grants Explained

Finding that elusive grant is not as easy as it seems. With over 4,000 programs on offer annually at any given time, the search can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. Grants are issued from various organisations both government and non-government as follows:

Federal Government Grants

Issued by a federal government department and targets nation wide issues

State Government Grants

Issued by state based departments and targets issues specific to that state. More often than not you will need to be a business/organisation based in that state to apply or have program that will be delivered in that state.

Local Government Grants

Issued by local councils and are very specific to addressing issues related to that Local Government Area (LGA). These will be targeted to businesses/organisations based in that LGA.

Philanthropic Grants

These can be issued by a large number of organisations including trusts, foundations, private entities located both in Australia and overseas. They will be targeting issues that align with their specific mission statement and can range from environmental sustainability to medical research.

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